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SF Technology brings the dynamism of a scale up with the infrastructure and support of a market leader. Working across C-suite, Data, BI, AI, Infrastructure & Support, Transformation, Project Office, Cyber, Engineering, QA and Cloud.
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Technology talent and opportunity

The world is changing fast and it is critical that businesses move quickly to keep up.

Software development, business transformation, IT infrastructure, Business Intelligence and analytics are all areas that have experienced rapid growth in recent years. Thankfully, SF stayed ahead of the curve and have a team of experienced technology recruitment specialists who were in it right from the start!

To meet the increasing demand for technology specialists, our team of experienced, dedicated technology recruiters are focused solely on finding talent and supporting great companies as they become ever more intelligent and technology-focused.

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We know the power of business

SF Technology delivers end-to-end recruitment solutions for any Technology business. We are truly established in the local business and support market, being the only recruitment patrons for the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce, Catalyst Partners with the West Midlands Growth Company and main sponsors of Birmingham Tech.

We believe it is our duty to give back to the Technology eco-system and are proud to partner with West Midlands Growth Company, Birmingham Tech and Birmingham Chamber of Commerce to support the region’s success.

We’re embedded into our industries and attend and run over 300 networking and insight events every year. Gaining new perspectives and sharing what we know with our clients is in our DNA.

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We know the power of partnerships

A diverse workforce is a key driver of internal innovation and business growth. Companies with diverse management teams have 19% higher revenues and are 1.7 times more likely to be leaders in their market segments. Unfortunately, certain sections of society are severely underrepresented in Technology and with this in mind we are proud to be working alongside NIYO Bootcamps who are on a mission to change this.

Diverse teams bring a wider range of information and perspectives to the table, which results in better decision-making and better overall outcomes. They are less likely to fall prey to confirmation bias, avoiding the “echo chamber” phenomenon that can obstruct problem-solving and inhibit innovation. In a market that demands innovation, Technology businesses need to make diversity in their staffing a priority.

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What our clients and candidates say about us

Collaborate, amplify and celebrate. Here at TechWM these are key values that help us keep the fastest growing tech sector on an upward trajectory! Over many years of working and socialising in the region's digital community I have met many recruiters and always get the feeling the relationship is somewhat one way!

When I met with SF Technology, I knew they were different. They threw themselves into supporting the region, not because there was any short term gain, but because they genuinely care and want to play a part in making the eco-system an amazing place to work for everyone!

If you need an honest, collaborative recruitment partner I can’t recommend SF Technology highly enough.

Yiannis Maos MBE
CEO of TechWM
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