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Relatable, connected and authentic. Recruiters on your wavelength, with a tried, tested and refined service and a network of contacts to take your business forward.
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Leading you to inspired leadership.

We're about more than placing elite executive talent. Our dedicated executive search team get to know your business first.

We'll ensure we can speak articulately and confidently about your business, the ambition, the potential, the journey ahead and the role itself. Of course, we're here to unlock great leadership talent,  but we also enjoy giving a helping hand to get your business to where it is going too. We can introduce you to expert intermediaries, companies and contacts that complement your new hire and help you achieve your vision.

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Our connections become your connections.

We’ve been in the executive search business for almost 25 years. Our specialist teams have a wealth of business connections in their particular sector of expertise and we hold detailed records for every role we’ve filled since we opened our doors, giving us a huge competitive advantage.

We operate out of four offices and we're proud of our role as exclusive patrons of our local Chambers of Commerce. Being based centrally in the UK, helps us to support business growth and transformation with businesses right across the country.
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Relatable. Connected. Authentic

"We look to add value beyond the search for your new business leader. We have developed a rich network of intermediaries. We are a gateway to useful people who can amplify your business growth. Upon really understanding your strategic aims, we can introduce companies or contacts to our relationship, to help implement your strategy and complement the key hire you're making."

Damien Lewis
Managing Director, SF Executive

Latest C-Suite and Executive Roles

We'll provide more than talent to support your business

As executive search recruiters, we find ourselves in a unique position where we work across all sectors and interact with the most forward thinking businesses and freelancers in the country.

Our network of intermediaries reaches far and wide and can help you, as our client, across many areas of your business. If you're recruiting a leadership role, your business is on a journey. We will gladly put you in touch with helpful contacts, to strengthen our partnership and complement the leadership hire you are making. We can help your organisation in the following areas:

  • Private equity houses & corporate advisors
  • Bankers, financial services & lawyers
  • Human resources, wellbeing & mindfulness
  • Coaching, development & training
  • Marketing, customer insight & CRM
  • Business intelligence & analytics
  • Transformation & change
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Partner with SF Executive and unlock hidden talent.

We stay in touch with the great people we've encountered over our 25 years of recruiting. Good people are often too busy to search extensively for the right role themselves!

We'll identify the correct attributes and mentality for delivering your business strategy. Our executive search team are seasoned recruiters, with a wealth of contacts that will allow us to quickly find the right fit for where your business is going.

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We know the power of business

We are connected to industry and regional businesses and for us, life is about more than just filling job vacancies.

We are exclusive patrons of the Midlands Chambers of Commerce and we partner the West Midlands Growth Company and Birmingham Tech, advising and helping them to drive the local economy forward. We’re embedded into our industries and attend and run over 300 networking and insight events every year. 

Gaining new perspectives and sharing what we know with our clients is in our DNA.

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We are determined to understand the journey you are on, the challenges ahead and how a successful candidate will lead your business there.

We will immerse ourselves in your business and will be able to articulate, as well as you can, what you're all about, what success looks like, it's potential and the job to be done.

Finding transformational leaders is our passion and you'll enjoy working with us. We promise.



We're more than executive search consultants. We've built an unrivalled network of private equity houses, corporate advisors, bankers and lawyers that we can refer to our clients to help deliver their growth plans and to complement C suite hiring.

We speak to hundreds of businesses every week. We're exclusive patrons of the Midlands' Chambers of Commerce and hold a seat at the 'top table' of regional business.

This helps us access great people who can steer businesses in the right direction.



Over two decades of placing great leaders with ambitious businesses has ensured a rich and mature candidate base. We can create strong shortlists, quickly.

We know what we are doing, we'll do it well and we're passionate about providing solutions for your business challenge.

We'll demonstrate an honest approach, as we believe it's important to be upfront. We'll show business initiative and deliver on our business mantra of 'excellence through experience'.