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Relatable, connected and authentic. Executive Search experts on your wavelength, with a tried, tested and refined service and a network of contacts to take your career forward.

Pioneering Executive Search

SF Executive support the UK’s fastest growing SME, privately owned and investor backed businesses in sourcing executive level candidates that can aid the value creation process both today and tomorrow.

It's about more than placing elite executive talent. Our dedicated executive search team get to know your business first. We'll ensure we can speak articulately and confidently about your business, the ambition, the potential, the journey ahead and the role itself. Of course, we're here to unlock great leadership talent; but we also enjoy giving a helping hand to get your business to where it is going.

We can introduce you to expert intermediaries, companies and contacts that complement your new hire and help you achieve your vision

We're award-winning. We have a refreshing take on recruitment, and for us, it's about more than matching skills to a job description. It's a human process. We take time to match a person's natural strengths and career aspirations to an organisational culture they will thrive in

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