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Next Steps After ACCA: Expert Guidance on Advancing Your Finance Career

By Arthur (AJ) Blyth
Next Steps After ACCA Expert Guidance on Advancing Your Finance Caree

Finance has been ranked as the most stable and attractive career choice - for the second consecutive year - outpacing STEM, IT & telecoms, and healthcare. Findings show that graduates are being driven towards finance due to concerns over job availability and low pay in other sectors. The Finance sector is proving more attractive to graduates due to steady career progression, lots of opportunities for promotions and increased salary potential.

“An ACCA qualification is incredibly valuable in the finance sector. It not only demonstrates a high level of expertise in accounting principles and practices but also signifies a commitment to professional development.” Comments Mike Lattimer, Managing Director for our Birmingham office.

Achieving an ACCA qualification is a significant milestone that opens many doors and opportunities. But once you’ve accomplished this, what should your next steps be?

We’ve taken advice from our expert finance recruitment consultants on some options available to ACCA qualified accountants. Our finance team at SF Recruitment is dedicated to guiding you through this journey, ensuring you find the perfect role that matches your skills and aspirations.

Continue Your Studies

MBA or MSc

For those aiming for the top, pursuing a master’s degree could be the ideal next step. An MBA focuses on business aspects, potentially leading to roles such as Chief Financial Officer or Senior Financial Analyst. Alternatively, an MSc covers more mathematics, science, and technology, paving the way for management or analyst roles. The choice between these paths depends on your skills and interests. Some universities even offer combined law and accounting degrees, broadening your career prospects further.


You can pursue a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualification. A CFA qualification is globally recognised status and is common route taken among ACCA graduates as it can open doors to roles in Asset Management, Risk Management, Consulting, and Corporate Banking.

Work in Industry

Qualified accountants are always in demand, allowing you to choose a company and role that suits you. Finance experts are needed in all types of businesses. Below are 6 industry routes you can take with your new qualification:

  • Corporate Finance Houses
  • Group and financial accounting
  • Commercial finance and management accounting
  • Internal audit
  • Risk and compliance
  • Fund accounting and investment accounting

Become Self-Employed

One of the attractions of an accounting career is the flexibility it offers. With an ACCA qualification, sufficient experience, and confidence, you can go solo and work in various industries worldwide.

Explore outside the finance industry

Some accountants opt to undertake a business or management degree, working their way up to senior roles, potentially leading departments or making financial decisions at the top of the business world.

At SF Recruitment, we understand that choosing the right career path can be daunting. Our finance team is here to help you navigate through the options and find the role that aligns with your ambitions. We advise you to research your options, keep an eye on the job market, and make sure you feel confident in your next steps. With our support, you’ll have a greater chance of success in your finance career.

Arthur (AJ) Blyth
Business Manager