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Nine Ways to Boost Staff Engagement Post-pandemic

Nine Ways to Boost Staff Engagement Post-pandemic

By Jodie Broadley 22.07.2021

Why Engagement Matters

As any business leader worth their salt will tell you, an organisation’s employees are its most valuable asset. Often, a company’s success will hinge on its workforce. Staff retention, talent attraction, productivity and organisational culture are some of the most critical factors in cultivating a successful business. As such, it’s in the best interest of business leaders to ensure that their staff remain both engaged and fulfilled in the workplace.

For this reason, achieving consistently high staff engagement is even more crucial to being a business leader post-pandemic, as SF Recruitment can attest to. Best Companies has named the Midlands specialist recruitment firm the 18th best small company to work for in the UK, marking a second consecutive top 20 finish. The agency also placed as the number one Midlands-based recruiter to work for.

However, as the pandemic has recently proven, nine-to-five lifestyles are a thing of the past. The modern worker’s needs are not the same as they were a year ago, with flexibility now a core consideration. As such, it’s critical that businesses take effective precautions to ensure employee satisfaction and engagement remains high amid this paradigm shift, with millions more now working from home. With that in mind, here are nine key tips to maintaining staff engagement post pandemic.

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