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SF Recruitment - Best Recruitment Company to Work For

By Louise Hannigan
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SF Recruitment - Wins Best Recruitment Company to Work For Award at 2023 TIARA Recruitment Awards

They are celebrated as pioneers in the recruitment industry, championing the widespread adoption of flexible working practices. In 2022, their "Flex for Success" initiative revolutionised their organisation and advocated for the broader acceptance of flexible working throughout the industry, resulting in 75% of their advertised roles now offering flexible options, far surpassing the national average of 26%.

Their role as a model for embracing flexibility is exemplified by their team's specialized training, fostering a remarkable 90% increase in candidates seeking flexible choices. 

Their commitment extends beyond recruitment, as they've become trusted advisors, guiding clients in enhancing attraction and retention through flexibility. Key achievements include a 75% client retention rate, an average client spend of £12,500, and service to 1065 unique clients. Encouraging clients to embrace flexible working options has helped them attract 90% more candidate applications.

Their transformative efforts have also drawn top talent, with consultants boasting an average of nine years and two months of experience, delivering services with authentic sector expertise and market insight.

They have fully embraced flexible working within their own organisation, becoming a trusted advisor for others. Their partnership with Intercity Technology & Finance helped the company cultivate a high-performance culture, making them the preferred recruitment partner.

As a female-led business challenging industry norms, they've achieved substantial growth, with a 60.9% increase in turnover and a 420% rise in net profit to £2.2M. They've expanded across the Midlands and the UK, increasing their divisions from three to six since 2020 and opening a new Manchester office in 2023.

Since 2020, they've experienced significant growth, with a 59% increase in client numbers, an 88% surge in candidate numbers, and a 68% rise in employee headcount. Employee churn has decreased from 46% in 2019 to 14% today. Ambitious forecasts project £25M in turnover and 120 employees by December 2023.

Their success is attributed to their dedicated team, supported by resources, flexibility, and unwavering commitment. They set a leading example in the recruitment industry, demonstrating the value of prioritising people.

Judges comments:
SF Recruitment were praised for their passion and innovation in recognising the value of their own people who are truly invested in growth. Judges applauded their clear purpose in proving how flexible working can drive success, proven by their impressive financial performance.

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Louise Hannigan
Louise Hannigan
Employee Engagement Manager