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Insights from Kirstine Archer: The Power of Your Professional Network in Becoming a CFO

By Fiona Frudd
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At SF Recruitment, we have always prided ourselves on nurturing relationships that span entire careers. Over the past 25 years, we have witnessed many of our candidates ascend from entry-level positions to C-suite executives, ultimately becoming our clients. Kirstine Archer, our new Chief Financial Officer (CFO), is one such success story! In this article Kirstine shares her journey with our head of marketing, sharing her valuable insights into the power of building a robust professional network...

The Importance of a Professional Network

Kirstine Archer's rise to the role of CFO has been marked by dedication, continuous learning, and strategic networking. Her experience highlights the importance of cultivating professional relationships, particularly in the realm of finance, which can often be a solitary domain within SMEs. As Kirstine reflects on her career to date, she emphasises the vital role that her professional network has played. 

"Finance can be quite isolating at times, especially within small and medium-sized enterprises," she notes. "Often, you are tasked with solving business problems that you have never encountered before. Having a professional network to lean on when these questions arise is invaluable." 

A professional network provides more than just job opportunities; it offers a support system of peers who can share knowledge and experience. This network can encompass colleagues from within the finance sector, as well as professionals from other disciplines. 

"Formal networks like CFO Mastermind and NOVA, are essential for finance-specific queries, but I have also learned a great deal from maintaining and investing in my broader professional connections," Kirstine explains.

Building and maintaining a professional network requires time and effort. It is not merely about collecting business cards or adding connections on LinkedIn. True networking involves fostering genuine relationships that can provide mutual benefits throughout your career. Kirstine candidly shares a lesson she learned the hard way: 

"My advice to people starting their careers now, is to take building a professional network seriously. It is something I didn’t give time to earlier in my career, and I absolutely should have." 

Investing in your network early on can pay dividends later, especially when you need advice or are considering a job change. By the time you need to leverage your network, it should already be well-established.

A valuable professional network should be a diverse one. While it is crucial to connect with other finance professionals, including individuals from various business specialisms can offer broader perspectives and insights. 

"Engaging with professionals from different fields has enriched my understanding and approach to problem-solving," Kirstine says.

Kirstine Archer's journey to becoming a CFO at SF Recruitment highlights the undeniable value of a strong professional network. For those aspiring to similar roles, her advice is clear: start building your network early, invest time in nurturing these relationships, and ensure your network is diverse. These connections can provide essential support, knowledge, and opportunities throughout your career.

At SF Recruitment, we remain committed to supporting our candidates and clients in their professional journeys, just as we did with Kirstine, and we are proud to host many exciting and helpful networking events throughout the year from our offices located across the UK. Your career progression and the strength of your professional network are inherently linked. Let us help you build both. Contact us for more information about upcoming networking events.

Fiona Frudd
Fiona Frudd
Head of Marketing