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Why Self-Belief Is Essential For Career Success

By Fiona Frudd

How you present yourself to others, especially throughout your career, can help you. But there are introverts and extroverts in every aspect of life, and neither is a bad thing. It’s how you feel about yourself that is one of the most important elements for a successful career.

You know you can do it /

Everyone is nervous before a job interview, but sometimes you have to switch a button, even if you’re quiet in nature, and take the lead and be vocal. The thing that will get you through is knowing you can do the job at the end of it; knowing you’ve been called in for the interview because of the quality of your application; knowing your experience and skillset is of a high value. Be proud of the things you’ve accomplished in your life thus far, and articulate how you believe your talent will translate to this new role.

Believing in yourself inspires confidence which could lead you to better communication with colleagues and clients, the ability to stand up in front of people and speak, and generally feel great about who you are – in work and out.

You know you’ll bounce back /

Everyone faces rejection at some point, and it’s important to remember that everything happens for a reason and there is always another opportunity for you around the corner.

Timing is crucial, as is personality. You might have accepted a role just as a company is going through major changes, or perhaps you just didn’t click with your colleagues in the way an employer hoped. This doesn’t mean you should hang your head in shame, you can’t force a jigsaw piece to fit, it needs to happen naturally. Self-belief means knowing you’ll bounce back in an even better position.

Fiona Frudd
Fiona Frudd
Head of Marketing