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5 Reasons Why Companies Should Outsource Their Recruitment

By Fiona Frudd

The recruitment process for companies can take up so much time and effort that outsourcing to a recruitment firm could be the best option for your business. Below are 5 reasons we think outsourcing recruitment can benefit your company:

Improves candidate quality /

It’s important that when you are trying to find the right person to fill a role you must not make your decision based on a limited selection. You will have a much better chance of finding your ideal candidate by outsourcing your recruitment as there is a wider search for candidates. When you outsource recruitment, that burden of work is removed, so you and your staff can focus on more important aspects of your business – like driving it forward and growing even more.

Saves you money /

The labour costs of wading through CVs, the cost of advertising on job boards, the cost of your employees taking time away from their role during the interview process – it all adds up.

Hiring the wrong person due to a rushed and uninformed recruitment process could cost you. According to a report by Oxford Economics, the cost of a bad hire is roughly £30,000. This is due to the fact it can take six to seven months to get up to speed and settle in a new job, and so output is reduced. Approximately 62 per cent of companies report bad hires every year.

If you realise months in that your new hire isn’t right for your business, you’ll have wished you had outsourced.

Reduces turnover rates /

Losing staff to your competitors is incredibly costly – especially when it’s staff you value highly. Not only does your business have to spend money to go through the recruitment process once again, but you’ve lost the output from that person and – worryingly – a competitor has gained it.

Better quality hires will reduce the number of staff leaving your company. If your outsourcer finds a worthy candidate they’ll take into account their current situation and personality too. At SF Recruitment we make sure we pick the right candidate to best fit the position available.

Increases your efficiency /

Outsourcing your recruitment can save time and time is money. SF Recruitment is dedicated to finding the best possible candidates for employers to hire and with out extensive candidate database you will find the ideal candidate far quicker than you could by keeping it in-house.

You can handle several hires at once /

Often it’s not just one candidate that you’ll need at one time, but several. If your company is growing rapidly that’s fantastic – you should continue to focus on your product or service and leave the recruitment process to passionate individuals who do it day in, day out.

Fiona Frudd
Fiona Frudd
Head of Marketing