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Putting people in jobs they love since 1998.

We founded SF Recruitment in 1998 on a simple idea. Everyone deserves to work in a job they love.

As the world of work, has transformed over the years, that defining principle is still at the heart of everything we do. It always will be.

Recruitment is a fundamentally human process. It’s detailed insight into the people on both sides of the equation that makes the process work.

Knowledge and experience of the marketplaces we operate in,

helps us to find people and companies that fit together naturally.

We are proud of our status as a leading specialised recruitment agency, managing recruitment throughout the UK from our offices in Nottingham, Birmingham, Leicester and Manchester.

The continued success of SF Recruitment is based on employing a fantastic team of people. Experts in their market, helping candidates to realise their potential, regardless of ethnicity, gender or background.

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Our team will show an honest approach to quickly finding a shortlist of quality candidates, that saves our clients time.

Business leaders know that success - in whatever industry or area of specialism - is always all about having the right talent. We are a leading specialist recruitment agency servicing the UK and our high performance culture ensures we are absolutely committed to finding that all-important 'natural fit' for our clients.

Our role as recruitment consultants is to truly understand the company culture, the market they're operating in and the business objectives in place. Only by accurately establishing this, are we truly able to place the right person, in terms skill and character, into a job that they love.

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years of proactive recruiting

We have been building our expertise as a specialist recruitment agency for over two decades. Creating an unrivalled network of candidates and clients across multiple specialisms and industries.


candidates placed

Helping our clients grow their business through talent is what we live for. This averages out at placing eight candidates into new and exciting roles, every single day for the past 20 years!


happy clients

Helping businesses of all sizes, in almost all industries find talent is, we feel, a vital service we provide our local economy. We're most proud of however, the number of these clients who return to partner with us on their search, again and again.

Our Awards

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We know the power of flexibility

Here at SF Recruitment our mission is to put people into jobs they love. And we know that autonomy and choice are the biggest drivers of happiness at work. That’s why we have made a public commitment to flexibility in all its forms and why we offer three times as many flexible opportunities as the national average across the jobs market.

More than 75% of the roles offered by SF come with flexible options, compared with only 26% across the UK jobs market as a whole.