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The Importance Of Working With A Reliable And Honest Recruitment Consultant

By 17.08.2015
The Importance Of Working With A Reliable And Honest Recruitment Consultant

Your business can have all the money in the world and the best equipment available, but
unless it also has a hard-working team of dedicated employees, it simply won’t succeed.

Staff members are your biggest asset, so they must take priority from day one.

This begins at the recruitment stage, where you should be making every effort to ensure you welcome the right people into your organisation. Doing so is a little easier said than
done, however, so you’ll need the help of a reliable and reputable recruitment consultant.

Below are a few reasons why:

You’ll save time and money
When making the decision to outsource part of your recruitment responsibilities to a consultant, you have to ask ‘how much is my time worth?’ The answer is probably a lot more than it costs to enlist help. After all, your time is much better spent on the critical tasks in which you specialise.

A skilled and experienced consultant will know the recruitment process inside out, having been through it across a landscape of clients before. This means they’ll know every trick of the trade, and will be able to maximise efficiency throughout. As part of their service, they’ll take care of the initial screening, and should even interview prospects on your behalf. The result is a great return on your investment.

They’ll know your industry
Specialist recruitment consultants will understand your industry well, and can work closely with you to ensure your needs are always met. Not only will they have access to the best candidates with the right characteristics and a suitable cultural fit, they’ll also be able to offer salary advice based on benchmarking within your sector.

What’s more, they’ll know the skills and traits that you should be focusing on, both now and in the future. This means you’ll always be equipped with the most suitable staff to keep up with – and get ahead of – the competition.

They provide verification
According to a survey carried out by the Guardian last year, 40 per cent of jobseekers have exaggerated about the grades they achieved at university on their CV, with a further 11 per cent fabricating degrees completely. It can be hard for a business to trust people who are essentially strangers with something to gain by bending the truth.

An experienced and professional recruitment consultant will have built relationships with their candidates, meaning there are no trust issues to overcome. These relationships will have only been built after thorough background checks have been carried out too.

If you’re to get the most out of your hiring experience, you need to start by choosing the right consultant. Look for experience, industry knowledge and a friendly, open and honest nature. From here, you need to make sure you’re playing your part too; this means meeting with your consultant so they can understand your culture, goals and aspirations and also coming up with a brief detailing exactly what you’re looking for  – only then will you start to attract some genuine interest from quality prospects.

With all of this in mind, you’re ready to get your recruitment process off to the perfect start.

SF Recruitment are professional service sector recruitment specialists operating across the Midlands and the North West. We have been around for 18 years and nearly 40% of our consultants have 10+ years experience. We would be delighted to demonstrate exactly how a recruitment consultant will add real value to your business and recruitment strategy.