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The Benefits Of Employing Interim And Temporary Staff

By Fiona Frudd

Recruitment of permanent staff is critical to your success, but in its self can be a time consuming and sometimes laborious process. 

It is at this juncture that an interim/contract recruitment solution is an option that should be given serious consideration. It is a fast and effective way to bring people into the business, and enables employers the time and space to ensure their permanent recruitment strategy is a considered and effective approach. With an interim holding the fort during the recruitment process it allows the employer to undertake a full recruitment campaign and rigorous interview process, knowing that the day to day job is still covered. With many candidates also being held to longer notice periods, it means employers are safe in the knowledge they can select the best candidate for the role, and not just the first person available. Moreover, temporary working is an arrangement that suits both employees and employers. After all, around 1.15 million people are currently working on a temporary or contract assignment they secured with the help of a recruiter, according to the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC).

There are other ways that interim recruitment could be a huge benefit to your organisation.

Deal with workload changes quickly and easily

It’s highly unlikely that the overall workload of your business will remain the same all year round. You will have peak periods and less busy seasons, to which you need to adapt.

Many businesses utilise interim staff during the busy periods to allow them to cope with extra demand on their existing team. Additional staff members may just be needed for specific projects, to which the cost of a permanent recruit is not necessary and may place undue pressure on headcount costs moving forward. Interim staff are able to assist when major projects are underway, such as acquisitions, integrations or system changes and implementations.

Interim staff can also come to your aid when unexpected changes occur within your permanent workforce. This may include maternity/paternity cover or long term illness.

Evaluate workers before committing

Many businesses also enjoy the benefits of a temporary to permanent arrangement. Permanent recruitment is not an exact science, so for many, temporary to permanent can be a much more cost effective approach. It allows a trial period for both parties before a full commitment is made. 

Take advantage of a different set of skills

There is sometimes a misconception from employers that temporary staff can have a limited skill set. However many career interims/contractors can bring a wealth of experience, having worked in a number of different industries. This cross pollination of ideas can bring a new, previously unseen perspective to the organisation.

Whenever you need a gap filled, for whatever reason, a temporary/interim worker can help fill it. As a result, your productivity will be improved or at worst maintained allowing you to focus on higher level business challenges. 

Fiona Frudd
Fiona Frudd
Head of Marketing