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SF Group rebrands as SF Recruitment

By 13.02.2019
SF Group rebrands as SF Recruitment

SF Group has rebranded as SF Recruitment.

As part of this rebrand, the business has vowed to stop using single-use plastic and instead use a more sustainable material, bamboo. The company, which has offices in Birmingham, Leicester and Nottingham, and covers the entire Midlands region, has chosen the natural resource of bamboo to represent the values a recruiter needs to be successful and its drive to replace a wide variety of plastics being used throughout the business.


The new tagline for SF Recruitment is “a natural fit’ - chosen to highlight the business’ philosophy on finding the perfect match between people and companies.


Marketing director, Daniel Meredith, said, “This sustainable resource was chosen by the company for a whole host of reasons. Similar to bamboo, successful recruiters need to be strong and flexible. We have also made the decision to step forward and be leaders in our field, in being environmentally aware. We believe this is an industry first certainly for the region - and bamboo is a resource that provides many answers to a number of the world's environmental problems.  Our employees speak to hundreds of business decision makers a week, and perhaps we can inspire and influence them to be more actively environmentally aware too.


“Alongside this, we didn’t want to just tweak our name and logo, but closely associate our internal behavioural values which we all work so successfully by with something meaningful while standing for something pictorially and ethically.”


The company will be reflecting this change in its corporate gifting, switching from plastic to more environmentally friendly products such as bamboo. It will also be looking to eradicate the use of items such as plastic straws, forks and single-use water bottles.


CEO, Saira Demmer (pictured), added:,“This is the last straw for us. We believe all businesses now need to be more aware of what they do and the effect it has on their surroundings. Plastic is still everywhere, on our streets and flowing in our waterways, and this should be of concern to all of us. It needs a joined-up effort to make any difference. While we may be landlocked, Birmingham has miles of canals and our offices in Nottingham and Leicester are by the Rivers Soar and Trent.


“Much of the plastic waste that goes in them, will eventually make its way into the ocean and may even end up in the food chain - so we all need to play our part. At SF Recruitment, it’s time that we became known for being green by name, but also now green by nature, as wildlife simply cannot stomach anymore plastic.”