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SF commits to pick up 20,000 pieces of litter 

By Fiona Frudd

During the past 19 months, our environment has taken even more of a hit than usual. Pre-covid there was a major issue with litter, however, since the days of compulsory masks we have seen a severe increase. I’m sure you’ve seen a mask or two lying around a supermarket carpark, right?

We want to do our bit to offset some of the damage COVID has made to our local environments which is why Team SF have committed to go out and pick up, at least 20,000 pieces of litter - a piece for every single follower - from our local streets and parks. Imagine the difference this will make to not only wildlife but also our heath - the amount of microplastics in our environment is dangerous to us all.

This activity is just one of many ways we continue our pledge to give back to the community and our local environment. Don’t forget, we’re all about Bamboo too and you can read more about our bamboo and single use plastic pledge here.

If you see us out and about doing our bit be sure to give us a wave.

Fiona Frudd
Fiona Frudd
Head of Marketing