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Meet Kelsie - Our Talent Team Manager In Nottingham

By Fiona Frudd

Sound familiar?

This was me 5 years ago. I was 3 years into my role as a Telesales Executive, a role I had certainly outgrown, and spent each working week clock-watching the days way.

My friends could see I was pretty miserable and one (who worked at SF Recruitment at the time) suggested I should apply for a trainee role at SF. I was intrigued about the role and the opportunities it could provide and thought “why not?”. A few days later I met with Dominic, the Regional Director for Nottingham, who told me that if I joined SF Recruitment I’d never have enough hours in the day to clock watch again.

My, oh, my, was he right!

I started off as I’m sure most people do in their first couple of weeks’, thinking “what have I done!?”. I had gone from selling milk, which was super easy, to selling people – a much, much more difficult task. But, after a week or so I placed my first few candidates which gave me such an incredible buzz that I instantly knew this was the right role for me.

Since then, through being successful in a role I love, I have managed to purchase my dream home and car, and have also travelled to places I never thought I’d get to see. In just 5 years I had been promoted 4 times – something almost unheard of these days.

I very quickly recognised that SF Recruitment is a company that really believes in its people and supports them to go as far as they want to go.

This support and recognition has helped me to make my most recent move within SF to become the Talent Manager. I fancied a change but also wanted to stay with a company that I truly believe in and who listens to its people. Knowing everything about SF already helped too.

Kelsie Hill Talent RecruiterWorking at SF though the recent changes and transformation, it really doesn’t even feel like the same business anymore. In a good way.

Gone are the days of being in the office Monday – Friday and using weekends to do mundane chores. Flexible and hybrid working has had such a positive impact on peoples personal lives, improved productivity for most and seems to make people much more happier in their roles. SF recognised and embraced this new era of hybrid and flexible working through their new benefits package.

This now is the reason I really do enjoy my job. The fact that SF understands people on a human level and take into account that people have a life outside of work are the mains reason people want to continue to work at SF.

If you can relate to the way I was feeling 5 years ago, constantly clock watching and wishing your life away, then it is definitely time to make a change. SF is a great place to work and luckily enough we are currently recruiting to multiple vacancies across the Midlands. Don’t hesitate to contact me for a chat if you’d like to hear more about joining the team.



Fiona Frudd
Fiona Frudd
Head of Marketing