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How to Sign Up and Use the Headspace App

By Eddie Groves 01.01.0001
How to Sign Up and Use the Headspace App

We have purchased a subscription for everyone to sign up to The app promotes mindfulness and relaxation and after 30 days of use reports to reduce stress by a third. It is one of the fastest growing mindfulness apps globally and encourages motivation, exercise, better sleep and healthy eating.


To sign up you need to do the following:

  1. Register here  
  2. Download the app on your phone and login with your new details
  3. Explore!


You will be asked to enter your work email address during sign up. This is just to verify you work for SF so they don’t charge you, you can still use your personal email address for your account if you prefer. You will get 5 emails about Headspace this week to explain what you can do with the app. After that you can set your own preferences around emails and notifications if you no longer wish to receive any.

Eddie Groves
Eddie Groves Marketing Manager