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Boom In Technology Sector Creates Growth For SF Recruitment

By Fiona Frudd

In a move to further engage with top talent within the region, SF Recruitment, has expanded its Tech offering into the East Midlands. The company, which has two of its three offices based in Nottingham and Leicester, has made the investment to reflect the unprecedented boom the Midlands has seen within the technology sector. The expansion will see 10 new specialist recruiters being employed over the coming year, in a department which was only set up 12 months ago specialising in roles such as development, design and IT networking. SF have also expanded into covering roles in software engineering, big data, business intelligence, data science, data analytics.

Dominic Syalon, SF Recruitment’s Regional Director in the East Midlands stressed that business’ needed to adapt to change, to ensure they remain relevant to their customer base.

“With technology jobs becoming increasingly important, our East Midlands teams are finding that the region is attractive for skilled tech workers, and many people are migrating away from London and the South East to pursue new opportunities. Business’ have to wake up to the advancements in technology, and everyone from banks to retailers have to move along with these changes. This region is rich in talent and so it’s important that we too move with this boom,”

The move is firmly in line with figures showing how more than half of small businesses in the region are now technology-led, and typically see faster growth and higher investment than offline businesses.

SF Recruitment CEO Saira Demmer, comments: “Consumer facing companies, the big retailers based in the East Midlands for example, are feeling the need to accelerate and innovate. Mass urbanisation, changing demographics and accelerated innovation are key reasons that companies need to turn digital – especially in retail where businesses are feeling the need to turn to digital to offset the drop in footfall on the high street. The number of devices is growing exponentially and when you combine that with 5G, the opportunities are going to be many and it’s critical that companies keep up with the pace. The theme of tech also getting behind-the-scenes has changed the focus of many organisation in this region. Autonomous processes and automation is changing what the workforce does.”

“The East Midlands is an ideal region for digital and tech based companies to develop. Our cities have a young demographic and there is a growing level of support for companies who are looking to attract talent for this fast moving industry. Companies of all types are having to innovate and experiment, to keep up with the changing digital world. They are also increasingly exploring and benefiting from automation to provide efficiencies within their own organisations,”

The move follows the firm’s announcement earlier this year that it posted a sixth consecutive year of growth, with a net fee income of more than £9,000,000. SF Recruitment said the success was down to a focus on specialisation and being ‘deep experts’ in their chosen fields.

The company, which has been running for over 20 years and has 120 employees across the three sites, has successfully grown in its profit performance since 2013 and delivered an average 39% growth rate in EBITDA in this period. Last autumn it celebrated reaching 20 years and placing 40,000 professionals throughout the region. In 2019 being rebranded from SF Group to SF Recruitment and became patrons of the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce, showing their commitment in being sector experts within the local business community.

Fiona Frudd
Fiona Frudd
Head of Marketing