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SF Recruitment Inspiring Women interview Series: Lindsey Harrison-Grimes Shares Insights on Embracing Equity

By Ellie Boucker (Smith) 08.03.2023
SF Recruitment Inspiring Women interview Series: Lindsey Harrison-Grimes Shares Insights on Embracing Equity

In honour of International Women's Day 2023, SF Recruitment's Inspiring Women interview series features Lindsey Harrison-Grimes, Director of People & Culture at the East Midlands-based law firm Nelsons.

With over two decades of HR experience, Lindsey has been instrumental in promoting diversity, supporting families, and creating flexible working arrangements in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

In the interview, Lindsey shares her journey in HR, the challenges she faced, and how she maintains her drive in the face of setbacks. She also discusses her passion for promoting greater equity and diversity in the legal profession, suggesting that business leaders keep an open mind and remain flexible in finding solutions that meet individual needs.

As Director of People & Culture, Lindsey has implemented various measures to support women in Nelsons' business, including resource groups, coaching, learning and development opportunities, and flexible working arrangements. With 73% of employees and nearly 50% of partners being female, Nelsons is an excellent example of a business striving towards a more equitable workplace.

Lindsey also shares her strategies for balancing personal and professional life, including exercise and spending time with her young son. She is proud of her accomplishments in promoting diversity and supporting working families, but she still has goals for the future, including fostering more women in leadership roles.

In closing, Lindsey shares her inspiration and sends a message of encouragement to women striving to make their mark in the world. She hopes to inspire others to embrace equity and diversity, and she encourages women to persevere and not let obstacles discourage them.

SF Recruitment's Inspiring Women interview series continues to showcase the stories of accomplished women like Lindsey Harrison-Grimes, highlighting their accomplishments, sharing their insights, and inspiring others to pursue their goals.


You can watch the video here: Lindesy Harrison Grimes - Inspiring Women Interview


Ellie Boucker (Smith)
Ellie Boucker (Smith) Senior Recruitment Consultant