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By Ellie Boucker (Smith) 27.06.2018

As a business, we’re actively increasing our corporate social responsibility efforts and we’re absolutely committed to working more closely within our local communities.

While we’re very proud of our charity fundraising to date, raising a staggering £1.2M+, we’re currently seeing a huge uplift in many of our employees volunteering or wanting to utilise their recruitment and business based skills to benefit others.

In our Nottingham office this year, we’ve developed and nurtured a fantastic partnership with the Nottingham Academy based on Greenwood Road. Working closely with both the school and Claire Knee from Futures, we opened our doors to 8 of their incredible students for the past 2 Fridays. We ran an Apprentice style world cup challenge and an in-depth CV writing and mock interview day, both sessions with clear objectives of increasing awareness and confidence with the students’ future employability and showcasing work inspiration.

All attendees had heaps of fun with all parties seeing immediate benefits and impact such as the importance of body language, presentation skills, team work and preparation and not forgetting that ever reoccurring adage; the firm handshake.

We loved having the guys onsite, they were a real breath of fresh air and it reminded us all of the hunger and excitement that was present in all of us just a few short years ago. We’re really excited to meet more enthusiastic students later in 2018.

Ellie Boucker (Smith)
Ellie Boucker (Smith) Senior Recruitment Consultant