Recruitment support for the UK's manufacturing hub.

The Midlands was built on manufacturing. Our region’s central location for the entire country has helped it become a hub for UK manufacturing.

We work with hundreds of longstanding well-known brands.  We also help those businesses that support the world famous businesses that are located here, whether it is the aerospace companies of Derby, the automotive companies in Birmingham and the West Midlands or the textiles and clothing industries of Leicester.

Jewellery, pottery, food manufacturers and brewing companies all have a rich heritage in the Midlands too.  Whether it is metal fabrication, plant or furniture we can help you with your growth plans or your own career.

Some of the roles we recruit...

Recruitment support for the UK's <span>manufacturing</span> hub.
Recruitment support for the UK's <span>manufacturing</span> hub.
Recruitment support for the UK's <span>manufacturing</span> hub.

We are not like other recruiters. Let us explain why...

We have always held five key beliefs.

Our ‘5 Roots of Recruitment' we consider essential to ensuring our expertise in our specialist areas and delivering 'excellence through experience'. 

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