Flexible working at the centre of what we do

Flexible working at the centre of what we do

Here at SF Recruitment our mission is to put people into jobs they love. And we know that autonomy and choice are the biggest drivers of happiness at work. That’s why we have made a public commitment to flexibility in all its forms and why we offer three times as many flexible opportunities as the national average across the jobs market.

Helping people to  Flex for Success in their careers

Helping people to Flex for Success in their careers

In the modern world of work, flexibility comes in many forms, but fundamentally it is about choice. When employees are more empowered, they are more engaged. And more engaged employees are more successful.

For employers, more flexibility opens the door to a more diverse workforce, to reducing the gender pay gap, to levelling up in more rural areas and of course to stronger talent attraction and retention.

More than 75% of the roles offered by SF come with flexible options, compared with only 26% across the UK jobs market as a whole.


of young people state that flexible working is a must when looking for their next role


of the working population would like to continue with some degree of flexibility in their work.


of women have written themselves out of the workplace - due to a lack of flexible roles - and are yet to return to work.

We know the power of flexibility

“Having made flexibility a core component of our business model, we know how powerful it can be in enabling both business and personal success.

Flexibility isn’t just about working hours or the location of your desk – although they are important – for us it’s about having the freedom to make your own decisions and to adapt the way you work; how and when you need to.

It’s been hugely successful for us, boosting engagement and productivity, reducing staff turnover and closing our gender pay gap. The working parents in our business have seen a particular improvement in their overall happiness.

We want to share our positive experience and use our platform to support the businesses and candidates we work with.”

Saira Demmer


We know <span>the power </span> of flexibility

Award winning flexible recruitment

We operate a fully-flexible working model in our own business, which has been recognised with a number of awards.

Working Families Best Small Employer - 2022

“The judges felt that SF Recruitment is a shining example of how to integrate flexible working into a business model. Led by the CEO, the flexible-first approach has proved fruitful both for employee satisfaction, staff retention and an impressive growth in profit.”

Working Families Best for Flexible Working Award – 2022

“The judges felt that SF Recruitment had a genuine dedication to flexible working, tailoring roles around individual need. They could also clearly demonstrate what a hugely positive difference flexible working has had on reducing their staff turnover rate and improving productivity.”

Award winning flexible recruitment

Working Families Partnership

We are proud to partner with Working Families to support businesses and individuals to achieve the flexibility they need to achieve personal and business success.

If you are an employer or employee looking for support, you can find out more here.

Working Families Partnership