Giving Midlands aerospace it's runway.

The Midlands are home to a major world aerospace cluster, representing over a quarter of the UK aerospace industry and 3% of the world’s. We have huge companies that produce systems to power aircraft, such as turbine engines like Rolls Royce in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, the world’s second largest manufacturer of aircraft engines.

This hub of aerospace driven businesses radiates across both the East and West Midlands in the form of a network of supply chains, including manufacturing aero-engine parts and design and build of electronic and mechanical control systems for aircraft engines.

In Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Coventry there are also many companies who supply electro-mechanical systems to control hydraulic and pneumatic parts of an aircraft such as wings, landing gear, wheels and brakes, also supplying aviation manufacturers around the globe.

Finally, we also have a number of specialist materials producers for the industry here (aluminium, titanium and carbon fibre), engineering design services, factory equipment and tooling. We help businesses grow or specialist aerospace candidates build their career every day.

Some of the roles we recruit...

Giving <span>Midlands aerospace</span> it's runway.
Giving <span>Midlands aerospace</span> it's runway.
Giving <span>Midlands aerospace</span> it's runway.

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